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Pore Strips Won’t Remove Your Blackheads

The truth about pore strips: We all know that pore strips have the reputation of being affordable, convenient, and great for getting rid of blackheads instantly. The affordability and convenience of pore strips definitely are a plus for those trying to save money, but... read more

Body Talk

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Couples

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A holiday that is either dreaded or eagerly anticipated, depending on what shoes you’re wearing. Finding a gift for your significant other can be stressful. Flowers – too basic. Candy – seriously? Jewelry – you might be moving a... read more

Hello Royals

Hello Royals Series: Meet the Founder

Hello, Royals! Thanks so much for tuning into my first blog post! Everyone has been requesting me to do this and I guess it took Lauryn with The Skinny Confidential for the push! Thanks, Lauryn!  I am so grateful to have so much support especially from the Spa...