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A True 60 Minute Massage!

All massage services include Foot Bath, Foot Scrub & dōTERRA Essential Oil Aromatherapy. Save 20% when you buy a package of 3 or 5!

Couple’s Massage

Spa Kingston Guest Favorite!

60 Min – $200 / 90 Minute $300 / 120 Minute – $400


Indulge in our luxurious side by side Swedish massage to relax with your partner or a good friend. Each person receives your choice of champagne or fruit infused water or organic herbal tea, chocolate truffles followed by a rose petal foot bath, personalized aromatherapy and a deep, soothing massage using long, relaxing strokes and romantic essential oils.

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Polynesian Noni Body Wrap

Spa Kingston Guest Favorite!

75 Min – $125

This treatment begins with an application of the Noni Herbal Elixir, known for its astounding healing and tightening characteristics. After you relax in the body cocoon, you are hydrated and nourished with a warm coconut milk body massage. This amazing treatment will leave you with a healthy, tropical glow.

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Massage Enhancements

Add more time to your experience:

Face – Neck – Scalp – Back – Feet – Hands

15 minutes -$15        30 minutes -$30

Back Exfoliation $15

Our gentle peony sugar scrub reveals healthy skin and boosts circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy $15

Heated stones have a sedative effect to offer a deep body release, relieve chronic pain and reduce stress for a deep relaxation.

Body Brushing $20

Kick start your lymphatic system. Body brushing helps to remove toxins from the body and reduce cellulite. You get to take the brush home too.

Arnica Oil Infusion $10 

Arnica oil relieves areas of stiffness, reduces pain and inflammation and heals bruises.

Stimulating Rosemary Scalp Massage $20

Rosemary increases circulation and stimulates the scalp for increased blood flow and optimal hair growth.

Paraffin Foot Treatment $15

Utilizing heat and the powerful benefits of paraffin wax let us nourish your feet with this hydrating treatment.


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Signature Massage

Spa Kingston Guest Favorite!

45 Min – $75 / 60 Min – $90 / 90 Min – $135 / 120 Min – $180

Float away with our full-body relaxing massage to enhance your well-being. Customize your pressure, modality and essential oil of choice during the service for a personalized service. Before your service you will be able to share any concerns or individual health goals with your therapist to create a service that meets all of your needs. Enjoy our calming rose petal foot bath and aromatherapy ritual to wind down into your rejuvenating grape seed oil massage ending with an awakening lemon coffee foot scrub.

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Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min – $100 / 90 Min – $150 / 120 Min – $200

Enjoy this targeted massage treatment that uses deep, focused techniques to reduce muscle tension and inflammation. This treatment aids in muscle recovery and will help to increase your range of motion and flexibility. Our 90-minute option is ideal for those looking for more focused work.

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Arnica Muscle Relief Body Treatment

90 Min – $150

The Arnica Muscle Relief Body Treatment begins with an invigorating body polish comprised of Bora Bora white sand and pure rosemary and mint essential oils. The experience continues with a stimulating Turkish liniment rub and massage, which targets sore muscles and melts away the mental tension and stress of the day.


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Sports Massage

45 Min – $95 / 60 Min – $125 / 90 Min – $165

Our sports massage is geared toward athletes of every kind and customized to the athlete’s sport of choice. This treatment begins with a relaxing epsom salt foot soak and focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.


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30 Min. Reflexology Massage

30 Min – $55

Our reflexology treatment begins with a warm rose petal foot soak and a consultation about your health and lifestyle so your reflexologist can use the information to customize the therapy. The reflex areas on the feet are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body. By applying pressure to reflex areas, our reflexologists remove energy blockages and promote health in the related body area.


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See What People Are Saying

“My visit to Spa Kingston was much more than that; It was an incredible experience!  I went for a couple’s massage and both of us were truly blown away.  We were greeted with a smile, offer of a variety of beverages, and were given time to finish our drinks in a beautiful lounge setting.  Since it was my first time, I was given a survey so the spa could truly get to know me and my body!  Before the massage, we were seated on a bench and our feet were washed and soak in rose petal water.  The masseuse and masseur offered us a selection of essential oils to accompany the massage.  We chose, jumped in our beds, and enjoyed one hour of PURE bliss.  My masseur checked in with me regarding temperature, pressure, and comfort.  After the massages, we were given after massage instructions and a glass of water.  When we left, we had to take a minute to sit and wake up in the car.  I highly recommend this spa to anyone looking to feel pampered, refreshed, and cared for.”

– Rach R. from Yelp

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