Meet The Team

Leadership Team

Reneé Maloney

Founder, Aesthetician 

Created Spa Kingston November 11, 2011

Service of choice: Acne Enzyme Treatment w/ Add On Acne Peel

My motivation as the owner of Spa Kingston is to create an environment and experience tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. My main focus is to incorporate home care as well as spa procedures to maximize results. My passion is health, wellness, and the ultimate happiness of each of our guests. My staff and I are educated in all realms of the skin care spectrum; from all natural to medical-based skin care regimens and treatments. I educate my employees and guests to achieve the results they are looking for. With the right tools, I believe each person can truly be happy in their own skin.

Arianne Virsunen

Business Development Manager

At Spa Kingston since 2016

Service of Choice: Microdermabrasion with Light Chemical Peel

Arianne knew she wanted to be in the spa industry since she was a little girl when she started a spa out of her bedroom for her mom and her friends. Arianne manages all partnership opportunities, events and sales strategies at Spa Kingston. Her passion for business management sent her from the Bay Area to San Diego State University, where she is currently earning her degree in Communication with a concentration in Digital Media Studies. Outside of the spa, Arianne is busy exploring new locations for beachside brunching, jogging with her Frenchie Pierre and expressing her love of fashion.


Noelle McDaniel

Guest Services Manager

At Spa Kingston since 2016

Service of Choice: Acne Peel

Noelle has been a part of the Spa Kingston Team since August 2016 and is beyond excited for where this journey has lead her. Originating from a family who owns their own healing spa Noelle has always had a true passion and love for the spa and beauty industry. She is one of the first smiling faces you will see walking in to the spa and assures to make sure each guest feels like royalty. As a dedicated manager of the spa she does everything she can in order to accommodate our guests to ensure their scheduling needs are met and everyone is taken care of. Noelle’s career goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and believes that a genuine smile is the first step to great connections. When Noelle is not at work or school she mostly enjoys traveling, her passion for art, and all outdoor activities.


Laura Gonzales

Aesthetician & Eyelash Extension Specialist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2014

Service of Choice: InjecStem Bio-Firming Facial

Eight years ago, I decided to get into this industry because of my own battle with acne. Once I understood how the body and skin worked, I knew this was a career I could be passionate about. I now get to help people achieve beautiful and healthy skin every day. Which is so rewarding! I look forward to educating you about your skin and pampering you here at Spa Kingston!

Lie Lani Arce


Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2015

Service of choice: Exquisite Gemstone Facial

When I started receiving treatments from an Aesthetician myself, I realized what an amazing career that could be. I decided to change my life and follow a journey I was passionate about. I look forward to treating you like Royalty.

Sasha Benkenstein


Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2016

Service of Choice: Acne Enzyme Treatment

Sasha is a Bellus academy alumni and has had a strong passion for working with people all her life. She’s a certified acne specialist and continues her education frequently. A certified makeup artist, she is a wealth of knowledge in cosmetics as well as the health and functions of our largest organ, the skin! Sasha believes in a comprehensive approach to truly healing acne, aging, and hyper pigmentation. She will not only take care of the in spa treatments but will educate you on proper nutrition, home care, and goal setting to achieve your perfect complexion.

Nicole Blotkamp

Aesthetician & Lash Lift Specialist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of Choice: Microdermabrasion

Nicole has been in the spa and beauty industry for 10 years and has loved every moment. She feels it is inspiring to not only help treat and cure the skin but to also pamper and relax the mind. Her passion for helping people take proper care of their skin long term, along with the benefits of her multiple treatments including customized facials, speed waxing, and makeup. She believes every step of the spa experience is from “hello…to see you next time!” She has a way of making each client feel like they are home away from home, as her spa experience takes her clients down a happy and stress-free path. Nicole takes immense pride in her work and does everything she can to ensure a wonderful experience for her guests every visit!

Massage Therapists

Thomas Polley

Massage Therapist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2015

Service of Choice: 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Thomas’ passion in life is holistic living. In 2011, he left the corporate-world to earn a degree in Holistic Health Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where he studied Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Tui-Na, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology, Chi-Nei-Tsang (abdominal massage), 5-Elements Theory, and Ayurveda. In his massage practice, he utilizes these various tools to provide a relaxing and relieving experience. Thomas looks forward to helping you achieve all your health and beauty goals using natural and holistic methods here at Spa Kingston!

Lauren McLean

Massage Therapist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2016

Service of Choice: Facial Royale

Lauren has been a student of the psychosomatic inter-workings of the human machine for quite a while now and has been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist for approximately 5 years. She is grateful to have found her way onto a vocational path that is unendingly inspiring and allows her to explore her curiosity further through her diverse clientele. She feels a deep sense of gratification from acquiring a skill that enables her to, quite literally lend helping hand to family, friends, community-locals and travelers alike! She also adores the artistic aspect of every session, in which she crafts and customizes a unique blend of her learned modalities in order to meet each individual client’s needs, holistically. In her personal time, Lauren can be found with friends at the beach, climbing a mountain, creating- be it through cooking, crafting, or painting, and getting herself a massage whenever she can!

Amy Scher

Massage Therapist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of Choice: Deep Tissue Massage with Arnica Oil

I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage in 2001. I use a variety of modalities to cater to my client’s needs, such as myofascial, Swedish, and deep tissue. Mind/Body balance is what I work towards. Aside from practicing massage, I have been practicing Bikram yoga for nine years and in the fall of 2011, I became a certified Bikram teacher. I love to share this knowledge gained with all my clients.

Cortland Anderson

Massage Therapist

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of Choice: Foot Reflexology

Cortland is a San Diego native and has been offering private massage services to clients throughout southern California since 2014. His attention to detail and passion for living a healthy lifestyle are what set him apart from most therapists. Certified by the state of California to practice massage therapy, he is a member of The American Massage Therapist Association. Graduating from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, he received formal training in both Eastern and Western integrative healing modalities. A broad knowledge base and large skill set make him the perfect match for most people. In his free time, Cortland keeps a dedicated yoga practice in Bikram’s Yoga and competes in the USA Yoga Asana Championships. Happy to work with anyone desiring to improve their mental, physical, and emotional well being – Cortland would like to help you feel better and enjoy life more.

Heather Sparks

Massage Therapist

Serving guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of Choice: Deep Tissue Massage

Heather’s interest in the mind/body connection began at a young age. She was meditating under her fathers’ tutelage as a child and began taking yoga classes in her teens. In 1995, her challenges with her own back injuries led her to work with some amazing healers and reawakened her interest in these modalities. She started her career in massage by attending The School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach. There she earned her Holistic Health Practitioner license. She later studied in Santa Barbara at the White Lotus Foundation to become a certified yoga instructor. She specializes in deep, relaxing massage, and offers suggestions for postures which may be beneficial for her clients’ specific needs.

“I love knowing that I am making a small, positive difference in people’s lives every time I go to work. It is my hope that they each leave me feeling more relaxed and joyful than when they came in, and that they will be kinder to the next person they encounter. I like to imagine it creates a ripple effect…”

Front Desk

Megan Hively

Assistant Manager

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2016

Service of Choice: Oxygen Infusion

Megan is a 4th-year student at San Diego State University, working towards obtaining a degree in Marketing with a minor in Leadership Development. Her outgoing and uplifting personality allows her to help make your experience at Spa Kingston as personalized and as royal as possible. During her free time away from the spa, Megan can be found nose deep in a book while soaking up the sun or catching up with friends over a meal.

Laura Vaugeois

Guest Coordinator

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of Choice: Exquisite Gemstone Facial

My name is Laura Vaugeois and I am from Huntington Beach, California. I am currently a senior year at San Diego State, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. My passions include photography, astrology, holistic medicine, and music. I consider myself a very visually creative individual that loves to meet and interact with all different types of people. My education and experience at San Diego State have guided me to become passionate and eager to work in the field of advertising and marketing. I am a very unique, professional and dedicated individual looking forward to gaining more experiences and insight within Spa Kingston, that will expand my horizons in the future.

Mary Sullivan

Event & Guest Coordinator

Serving Guests at Spa Kingston since 2017

Service of choice: Acne Peel

I am currently attending San Diego State, working towards a degree in Public Relations with a minor in marketing.  Through competitive sports in my youth, I damaged my back and sought out massage therapy when I was sixteen to help relieve the pain. Massage Therapy has had a huge impact on my overall health and well-being. I love being able to be a part of the experience that helped me so much.

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